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Photos by Lee Goulding and Albert Ross Page last updated: 2023-03-28
Cop Hill West Yorkshire
NGR: SE058138 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv)   Site Height: 309m      Structure Height: 45.7m
Digital TV: BBC A: 25   D3&4: 22   BBC B: 28  
National Radio:
Local Radio:
Digital Radio:
Comments: Cop Hill is a relay of Emley Moor

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Cop Hill. A relay which serves an area of out of good direct reception of Emley Moor. An area extending from Marsden near the Yorkshire and Greater Manchester border through to Slaithwaite and Linthwaite - two towns better known for the filming of the TV series 'Where the heart is'.

Cop Hill overlooks the Colne valley which is to the west of Huddersfield and brings improved television reception to Marsden, Slaithwaite [pronounced 'Sla-wit'], Linthwaite ['Linfit'] and parts of Golcar and Milnsbridge. Due to the steep sides of the valley direct reception of Emley Moor is even more difficult than knowing how to correctly pronounce the names of the districts in it!

Cop Hill was originally an IBA landlord site which entered service on 22-Dec-1972 to serve a population of about 5100 people. Channel 4 was added on 11-Apr-1986. DSO was on 7th and 21st September 2011.

The site is on high ground to the north of the valley and is very close to the Moorside Edge masts which can also be seen in some of my pictures. Cop Hill primarily serves the north facing slopes of the valley as the south facing ones can generally get good results from Emley Moor. This has allowed Cop Hill to be co-channelled with Belmont which although being a considerable distance away puts quite strong signals into much of West Yorkshire and causes interference to Cop Hill in the high spots to the north of the valley.

The top of the mast including the transmission aerial which is directional as the transmitter only needs to broadcast in a semi-circle from east though south to west.

The 2 troughs pointing at Emley Moor which is about 10 miles to the east.

The view from Cop Hill to Moorside Edge, which is on higher ground.

The final picture is rather shocking and shows the view west towards Marsden over what is quite possibly the largest pile of manure gathered in British farming history - either that or an escaped brontosaurus from Jurassic Park (Yorkshire) had recently passed by (quite literally). It goes without saying that my visit to Cop Hill was kept as brief as possible.

Moorside Edge

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