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Photos by Lee Goulding and ATV Page last updated: 2014-06-24

Lee says: Heyshaw sits on the edge of Guise Cliff overlooking the middle part of Nidderdale which is to the north west of Harrogate in Yorkshire. The elevated position of the mast allows it to serve a long stretch of the valley from Middlesmoor in the north to the outskirts of Harrogate in the south. The steep sides of the valley prevent good reception from either Emley Moor (of which Heyshaw is a dependent) or Bilsdale.

Originally an IBA landlord site, TV channels 1 - 3 entered service on 28th June 1974, with Channel 4 from September 1985. DSO was on 7th and 21st September 2011.

The first photo shows the mast beside the substantial stone transmitter buildings which house equipment for Vodaphone and O2 in addition to the television transmitters. The second photo shows the directional broadcast aerials which radiate in a clockwise arc from north-west to south east. There is no requirement for a service in any other direction as this would merely cover unpopulated moorland. The trough aerial points south towards Emley Moor.

Unusually, the site is completely surrounded by public footpaths at very close proximity, one of which was diverted by its construction. This made the site very easy to photograph... had my camera's rechargable battery not bitten the dust I would have got more photos!!

Now we also have these from ATV:

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