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Photos by Lee Goulding Page last updated: 2022-06-22


Cleckheaton sits at the top of Hightown Heights which overlooks the town from the south and provides improved television reception to the Spen Valley area of town. Or does it....having walked around this and other parts of the town I could see no evidence of its use. Could Cleckheaton be the relay without viewers? [If so, only an ERP of 2W is being wasted! The official number of households served is 140 - mb21]

Picture 1 shows the mast which resides in an area of wasteland popular with fly-tippers. Pictures 2 shows a close-ups of the receive aerial pointing at Emley Moor and the transmit aerial which direct signals to the north east. The final picture shows the grey scene beneath the hilltop - with my apologies to any locals, this is not Yorkshire at its most scenic.

Cleckheaton was originally a NTL landlord site which entered service in the mid 1990's.

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