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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2014-08-25

August 2014: local MUX antenna - on OLD mast!

The Update List called for "Removal of old mast (?); new Local TV MUX aerial @ 154 m agl" - but that's not how it turned out

Since October 2010 it seems nothing has been added to the new mast - it carries only the post-DSO UHF arrays and what we understand to be the Glasgow local DAB MUX

The main analogue and interim-DTT arrays have been removed from the old mast but there is no evidence of a plan to migrate the radio services

First a quick look at the new mast - temporary buildings have gone but otherwise no change

Onwards and upwards - the old mast is still busy but may be getting a little "thin on top"?

Still at full height, but the interim-DTT array at the top has been removed along with the main analogue panels...

...leaving the Channel 5 analogue array - which is now the Mux 7 Tx aerial.

Moving down, no obvious changes until we get to about 150m AGL

The DAB dipoles were there last time, also the four Band II logs (RBS Sandale)

There's something new on the left...

...which must be the local TV MUX - four (single) shrouded logs and a screening panel

At the bottom a curious sight - a vertically polarised log!

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