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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2012-01-04

December 2011 - pre-DSO

The pre-DSO configuration at Reigate is complicated slightly by ERP restrictions and the wide split of channels (39 and 66) used for Mux C and D. We have been informed that these services use the group of logs below the Band II array, which is shared with analogue Channel 5. The other interim-DTT allocations use the panels below the cylinder.

At DSO the PSB multiplexes will use the former analogue channels but COM multiplexes remain on some of the interim-DTT allocations. The original cylinder has therefore been exchanged for a stacked Band IV/V arrangement. This currently carries only the main analogue services, but at DSO the Band IV section will be brought into use. We understand that the panels and logs will eventually be removed.

(As a side effect of the choice of allocations and FEC parameters, someone on the fringes of the service area and who has retained a group C/D aerial might believe that Reigate is a PSB-only relay despite all services radiating the same ERP at DSO?)

Not quite in focus but the (hand written) site number on the Arqiva sticker reads "141440" - the legacy site number 101.03 has been lost in the re-branding.

Signs of DSO work, but we believe this was confined to a replacement cylinder with new transmitters being installed in the existing building.

Looking approximately west and showing all the transmit antennas in context. From the top: nearly-new cylinder, DTT panels on the left and London 2 DAB phased dipoles on the right. The other DAB services are from dipoles "hidden" in the Band II panels below. Underneath this, to the left, four shrouded logs form Mux C/D and Channel 5 analogue. These seem to have been fitted with screening plates, possibly to restrict ERP to the east.

Lower down we see two groups of toed-in logs to receive Crystal Place (and Croydon, for Channel 5 analogue?). The yagi further down is likely to be used to pick up RDS data from Wrotham.

Viewed from the "front" and in the bright sunshine, the cylinder certainly appears less weathered than in Paul's 2007 photos - though perhaps it's no longer "brand new".

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