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Photos by Nicholas Coulter Page last updated: 2020-06-27

June 2020

Out on another daily exercise and since Dollar is relatively close to me I decided to visit the TV relay for the town. It is situated partway up the Ochil Hills in Central Scotland and is a Freeview Light transmitter operating at 2W, it operated at 10W on analogue. The Arqiva equipment seems unchanged since Mr Beale's visit several years ago and the only change seems to be a new O2 cabinet & new O2 antennas on the tower, i'm guessing the previous photos were taken when the site was still 2G/3G only and the new cabinets/antennas are to support the 4G equipment added in the past few years.

Close up of the two transmit log periodics.

Single receive log pointed at Black Hill

Mobile phone antennas with the receive log above.

Bonus photo of the almost invisible Dolphin logo along with slinging instructions for the container.

Final photo showing the target audience for the relay, however given the antenna direction and low power output from the relay the signal would really only be useful for the westernly part of the town (right side of the image), I'm guessing the analogue signal from Black Hill was sufficient enough for the eastern part of Dollar due to the less severe hill cover and because of this the relay was chosen to only cover the western part of Dollar which is where the signal from Black Hill was at its weakest.

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Black Hill

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