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Photos by Anon and Martin Watkins Page last updated: 2011-05-03

Wenvoe - removal of old UHF cylinder

Our first photo in this sequence (from Anon) shows the old cylinder being removed from the main mast...

Martin Watkins visited Wenvoe in November 20XX and was able - thanks to a warm welcome from an engineer on site - to take photos of the old UHF cylinder on the ground, as well as the new wrap-around reserve waiting to take its place on the new extension of the main mast.

You can tell what time lunch is served!

The temporary mast, in full use.

The main mast, now complete with 25 m extension to accommodate the wrap-around reserve UHF aerial.

It looks as though DAB services stayed where they were during the works.

Here's the old UHF cylinder, installed in 1986, back on terra firma.

The upper part is on the left, the lower on the right (both viewed "from below")

The upper half, seen from below again. There are no less than eight slot aerials distributed round the spine.

The lower half, from below.

Lower half, from below.

Lower half, from below.

Unlike any other slots that have been photographed during DSO, the ones at Wenvoe appear to have some sort of director element grid system clipped onto the main units.

Lower half, top end to the left.

BELOW: And here we see part of the new reserve aerial assembly waiting to be installed...

This phase of the work is now complete, all materials have been removed and the site made secure.

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