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Photos by Jack Richardson Page last updated: 2022-03-04

February 2022

Heading down to South Wales from the Midlands, I didn't think I'd make it in time before sun down due to traffic on the motorway. However, made it though with about an hour till sunset. I parked at the Horse & Jockey, and walked over to the access drive. There is also a footpath which leads behind the site from the Horse & Jockey.

The likeness between here and Sutton Coldfield is apparent in this photo.

DTT main

DTT reserve

National FM and national DAB radio. Mean height 200m. The interim DTT panels top and bottom.

I notice that the FM stack has 2 X-type antennas above and below the main 8 tier antenna system? I believe these are on the southeast side of the mast. I wonder what they are for?

[Ed]. They are only fitted on the southeast (143 degrees), face of the mast. Their purpose is to create an ERP reduction on 99.5 MHz (Radio 1) to protect the service area of the French station at Caen Mont Pincon which uses 99.6 MHz for France Inter. The two panels, which are flat "X"s, not arrowheads, are fed with 99.5 MHz in
anti-phase to create the ERP reduction. The 99.5 MHz assignment at Wenvoe, with the 3 dB ERP restriction over the arc from 130 - 165 degrees, dates from the 1961 ITU European plan for VHF/UHF Broadcasting Conference in Stockholm. The plan is usually abbreviated as ST61.

Interim DTT muxes top

Interim DTT muxes bottom

What we're seeing here is the antennas for 96.8 and 103.9, 106.8, South East Wales DAB and Cardiff local TV.

96.8 and 103.9. Mean height 160m.

106.8 antennas. Mean height 145m.

South East Wales DAB. Mean height 140m.

Cardiff local TV. Mean height 129m.

Various UHF and band II receive aerials between the first and second stay levels. The four twin 18 element UHF Yagis on the left of this pictures are pointing towards, from the top down, Huntshaw Cross, Carmel, Caradon Hill and Kilvey Hill. The twin band II Yagis on the right are the RBS receive aerials on Rowridge. On the left the Yagi sort of pointing towards us is probably facing North Hessary Tor, the Yagi pointing away from us might be receiving Llandrindod Wells.

More receiving aerials below the first stay level. I would estimate the twin UHF yagis on the left are pointing towards Mendip, the vertically polarised ones on the right towards a relay in the Valleys somewhere?
[Ed]. Probably Mynydd Machen at 36 degrees.

I would estimate the band II yagi is pointing towards Kilvey Hill or Carmel?
[Ed]. Probably used to receive both as there is only a 12 degree difference in bearing.

St Hilary - over the top of a bush

While walking back to my car I noticed this guy

Wenvoe index

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