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Photos by Robert Whittaker Page last updated: 2017-11-08

June 2006

Pennar stands on a hill just to the south of Newbridge, in Ebbw Vale. It employs two stacks of four panel antennas for UHF TV, one stack pointing roughly north, the other roughly south-east. This should produce a broadly semicircular radiation pattern covering areas along Ebbw Vale including Abercarn, Newbridge and Crumlin, and west towards Pontllanfraith. The RX antenna is a vertical log periodic pointing south towards Mynydd Machen, which is clearly visible from the site.

Pennar is also an FM filler for BBC Network Radio. Mounted just under the UHF stack is an omnidirectional VHF array comprising four panels, one on each face of the tower. Each panel consists of two vertical dipoles side by side. The RX antennas are two vertical log periodics, pointing just east of north. The station uses Abertillery for its programme feed. BBC FM radio entered service on 19th April 1991.

Vertical log periodic UHF receive antenna pointing at Mynydd Machen

Two vertical bayed log periodic VHF receive antennas pointing at Abertillery

Looking south down Ebbw Vale towards Mynydd Machen

Mynydd Machen as taken from the site

Looking north towards Newbridge

Looking north east towards Pantside

NGW appear to be employing a couple of very bold guard sheep, both of whom followed me
round as I was trying to take pictures, constantly nibbling at my feet and legs!

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