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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2015-01-18

May 2011

After reading mb21's account, I tried the public footpath which runs to the north of the site. After quite a long walk there was a gap in the trees and the opportunity to get some reasonable photos.

The pairs of troughs were still in place at the top of the mast as of late 2014. We understand there was no plan for them to be replaced for DSO, instead all services now use the array of panels originally installed for interim DTT . These panels add a beam to the north east.

From the top: analogue TV troughs, DAB dipole array, pre & post DSO DTT panels and more DAB. Upper DAB array (79m), BBC and London 2. Lower DAB array (66m), Digital One, London 1, London 3 & Herts/Beds/Bucks.

At the bottom: tv receive troughs and some sort of satellite feed. A significant "dish farm" also exists on the site, see David Neale's earlier photos.

The HP yagi on the left may be to receive from Zouches Farm, or perhaps (for RDS purposes) Peterborough?

Ofcom has DAB at 66m and 79m. BBC Three Counties Radio is shown as VP only and at 65m - presumably from the two yagis...

...both of which have lost half a reflector

Meanwhile Heart is listed as mixed polarisation at just 40m AGL - from an apparently insane array of yagis...

...can anyone find more than five?

The ex-Police tower next door is almost empty

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mb21 by Mike Brown
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