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Photos by Sam Dale Page last updated: 2017-03-01

Selkirk DSO work

Here are some pictures of Selkirk after DSO work.

I wasn't too keen of going too near the site given the on-site security but I hope the mast photos are of some use.

The broadcast stuff on the mast appear to be as follows from the top:

Main DTT antenna (234 m agl)
Ch5 analogue antenna (216 m agl)
Old trough antenna for BBC analogue RBS from Black Hill (213 m agl)
Wrap-around DTT reserve antenna (205 m agl)
FM array for Radio Borders and Classic FM
DAB array for BBC and D1 (167 m agl)

There appears to be a shrouded yagi between the FM and DAB arrays,I think this was (is) a studio link to Radio Borders at Galashiels.

Just below the mobile phone array / lower set of aerial lights note the two FM yagis pointing towards Caldbeck for Classic FM RBL.

You can see the Classic FM RBL aerials are not too high above the buildings.

The building behind the mast is fairly new (within 10-15 years) I suspect this held the pre-DSO Freeview service.

The brown brick building in the centre was the original ITA building for the Ch13 405-line VHF

We've zoomed in on Sam's pictures which give useful detail of the six tier DAB antenna. (Kathrein panels)

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