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Photos by Sam Reid Page last updated: 2019-12-26

Divis DSO Work - New mast build completion

The new mast (Divis B) has been topped out at 156.8 meters (*)and is on a permanent set of stays although on the morning of taking these snaps they were in the process of removing and replacing one set of the stays. The 5 sided adaptor piece for the new S1 array is lying at the base of the mast waiting to be hauled up once stay adjustments are complete.

The current mark 1 mast (Divis A) is apparently staying as is with only the DAB being removed from within the band 2 crossbow aperture. They reckon there's at least 12 more years of use out of the current S1 antenna. The old/ current DTT radiators will be removed including dishes and other ironmongery. The current mast will not be decommissioned.

A new band 3 array will be constructed on the new mast under the wrap around S2 Reserve antenna this will include new DAB transmitters rated at 10kw and be one part of the BBC DAB roll out in the province. That is to come online in 2011.

When all work is complete there will be three UHF arrays - the new S1 array, S2 wrap around reserve and the third panelled aerial which they call S2 which is the current S1 antenna.

Update March 2017: mb21 has been informed that in fact plans for a Divis B taller than Divis A were scaled back, first from 192 m height, and subsequently from 156 m. In the end Divis B is in fact a metre SHORTER than Divis A, at 139 m.

Above - work in progress on 21st January 2011

Sam's remaining photos were taken on 1st March 2011

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