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Photos by Brian Hutchinson, Martino Miola and Jordy Lyons Page last updated: 2019-12-26

2006 and before

Divis, in common with the adjacent elevations of Mount Gilbert and Black Mountain, is managed by the National Trust. The area is served by a network of paths and provides magnificent views over the Lagan basin.

From the top: The top two tiers of UHF panels transmitted interim DTT multiplexes C & D. The eight tiers of panels transmitted the four analogue channels, while the four tiers of panels below the platform transmitted interim DTT multiplexes 1, 2, A & B.

Colinward (used for DAB) and, to the right, Carnmoney Hill

These excellent shots were taken by Jordy Lyons from nearby Mount Gilbert

Radio Times 15-Jul-1955.

Divis entered service on 21-Jul-1955 with band I BBC TV on channel 1, replacing the temporary, low power transmitter at Glencairn. The vision signal was provided from a GPO receiving site at nearby Black Mountain, which received the channel 3 transmissions from Kirk o'Shotts. There is a link at the foot of this page to a GPO report of this installation. The vision programme feed was replaced in November 1956, being via off-air reception of the channel 2 transmissions from Holme Moss at Snaefell, on the Isle of Man, feeding a UHF link (641 MHz), to Divis.

FM radio was added on 18-Mar-1956.

The original three tier, top mounted, band I, superturnstile Tx aerials were replaced on 17-Dec-1965 to permit the installation of the UHF cylinder.

BBC 2 entered service on 18-Mar-1967, with colour available from 11-Nov-1967 on UHF channel 27.

Other notable dates at Divis A:

14-Sept-1970 ITV in service
18-Sept-1970 UHF BBC1 in service
2-Nov-1982 Channel 4 launch
3-Jan-1985 VHF BBC1 closed
April 1991 New, mixed polarisation band II FM radio aerials brought into use and Radio's 1 & 4 added.
7-Sept-1992 Classic FM launch
15-Nov-1998 DTT (OnDigital) launch
30-Dec-1999 BBC National DAB in service
10th & 24th-Oct-2012 N.Ireland DSO. TV services transferred to Divis B.
26-Jul-2013 Digital One DAB added
29-Feb-2016 Sound Digital DAB added

Divis A index

Black Mountain | Carnmoney Hill | Colinward | Lisnagarvey | Snaefell

Service area of the Divis transmitter (1956)
New Band 1 aerial for the Divis television station (1966)
UHF Transmitting aerial for the Divis Television Station (1967)
Aerial system for the reception of vertically polarised television signals (GPO 1955)

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