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Photos by Lawrence Taaffe Page last updated: 2023-07-24
Rostrevor Forest Co. Down
NGR: J189176 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv)   Site Height: 215m      Structure Height: 30m
Digital TV: BBC A: 23   D3&4: 26   BBC B: 30  
National Radio: Radio 1: 97.9   Radio 2: 88.3   Radio 3: 90.5   Radio 4: 103.9   Radio Ulster: 92.7  
Local Radio:
Digital Radio:
Comments: Rostrevor Forest is a TV and network FM relay of Divis. Pre B700 allocations: 39/42/45.

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The Rostrevor Forest relay station in Co Down. It is situated on the northern side of Carlingford Lough with the Republic of Ireland a few hundred metres across the water. The pics show the mast and the area it serves - Warrenpoint and Rostrevor.

Originally this was an IBA landlord site which entered service in July 1980 to serve 7000 people with three channels of UHF TV. Channel 4 was added on 3-Aug-1984. The analogue channel allocation was 48/40/46/50. Channel 48 was used to avoid a n-9 relationship with the RTE 1 transmitter at nearby Clermont Carn which transmitted on ch52.

BBC FM radio went into service with three programmes on 19-Jul-1982 replacing the transmitter at Newry The original FM frequencies were 88.6 / 90.8 / 93.0. Radio's 1 & 4 were added and the frequencies changed to their current allocations in the spring of 1993.

From the top down.
At 30m is the Divis FM radio Rx. A 4 element band II Yagi.
At 29m is UHF TV transmit. 4 tiers of crossed UHF log periodics
Lower is the Divis UHF Rx aerial. A single log periodic.
At 22m is FM radio transmit. A slant polarised band II log periodic.

The Clermont Carn site (below) in the Republic of Ireland is quite close to Rostrevor Forest and has had a replacement mast built this Summer...


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