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Photos by Rob Shufflebotham Page last updated: 2017-07-14

July 2017 - Local TV

Salisbury is a large, busy site in a residential area overlooking the town.

The Tower from the North.

Starting at the top, we have the main DTT cyclinder. Next down is the wrap around DAB antenna, with the single FM dipole within. Below that is the new Local TV antenna, and below right are the now redundant Channel 5 receive antennas on Mendip.

Wrap around DAB with the single FM Dipole

The Local TV antennas; these were installed on 24th May 2017.

Redundant Channel 5 receive array

Further down we can see the original Rowridge receive troughs on the opposite side of the mast (believed to now be obsolete, as the site is line fed). On the bottom right we can see an FM receive antenna, but it is pointing north west (ie in the opposite directon to Salisbury's FM parent Rowridge) so might perhaps be monitoring on Newton Barrow...?

(Later: it's been pointed out that this VP Band II aerial may be a left over from the days when Salisbury - temporarily - relayed Naish Hill for Radio Wiltshire, before the permanent transmitter at Newton Barrow was completed).

From the South we get a different view. The trough is just poking out from behind the trees at the bottom.

Here we get a better view of the FM antenna within the DAB wrap around, and the Local TV shrouded logs.

Also spotted this log mounted on the back of the old Channel 5 receive array, anyone have any ideas what it's for?

(Editor's note: It's looking at Rowridge, probably RBS, and VP because of the 6dB advantage,(and the CCI discrimination) ROW's VP component offers)

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