UK Broadcast Transmission
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Photos by Peter C Page last updated: 2015-09-01

August 2015: photo montage

Peter wrote: "The August Bank Holiday provided a welcome opportunity to visit some sites outside of my home turf (South East). While passing through Poole, however, I was not expecting this tower to suddenly spring up in front of me, and therefore had to take a look"

There are now just two receive antennas for the tv relay: one Vertical Polarisation and one Horizontal aimed on Rowridge - it seems the lower of the two HP logs has been removed at some point since March 2012

Lower down the Band II yagi also seems to be facing Rowridge, but presumably for monitoring rather than as a programme feed

A montage of the Poole transmitter, showing the DAB dipoles at the top, the UHF DTV TX antennas below, then the Siras for Wave 105. Underneath the Siras is a collection of cellular and microwave antennas before the UHF and BandII receive antennas are seen near the base

A significant amount of the mast is taken up by cellular antennas and microwave links - this site carries 2G/3G/4G from EE, Vodafone and O2 and 3G for 3...

...yet most of the external cabinets are marked "Orange" (now EE). The tv and radio transmitters are likely to be accommodated in the older buildings, just visible to the left and right of the cabinets

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