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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2011-08-08

August 2011

The Digital UK Transmitter Network web site mentions "structural and mast works" and "antenna works" having taken place at Whitehawk Hill during 2010. There's no obvious sign of changes when compared to the position in 2008 though.

Transmitter installation is apparently scheduled for 2011 with DSO in March 2012.

Here's a new (to me) form of site signage - although the reference number has been left blank.

Some sort of DSO-related work is or has been in progress.

Was there a vowel shortage when this sign was made?

Approaching from the south, the first impression is that nothing has changed - apart from the addition of CCTV inside the compound.

The feed arrangements have evolved somewhat over the years - these dishes being part of the latest arrangements.

From an earlier era, this trough is one of two aimed at Rowridge...

...the other is all the way up there. Diversity reception would have been essential over the relatively long sea path.

Two smaller satellite dishes are mounted near the base of the tower.

From just north of the site we can see two HP logs for the Band II feed from Wrotham (on the left) and a VP yagi which appears to be on Rowridge (on the right).

The BBC analogue TV link via Findon is most likely received on the large SHF dish on the right, just below the level of the lower Band II log.

It's now time to look at the pre-DSO transmission arrangements. From the top: main analogue cylinder also transmits all pre-DSO DTT, except Mux 2 - seems not to have been replaced; C5 analogue cardioid; pre-DSO DTT Mux 2 shrouded logs; mixed polarisation panels for Band II, with vertical dipoles for DAB in the same aperture.

The Band II panels have been changed since the original photos of the site. This was in 2002, prior to when DAB was installed.

All FM and DAB services share these arrays. There are panels on all four faces of the tower and it seems unequal power division is used to obtain the desired ERP restrictions.

One oddity is this DAB-style dipole, very low on the tower.

Looking south west - the tall white tower block is Sussex Heights

The view to the north west...

...and north east. Brighton has large areas where the housing is in a hollow - and therefore several local relays

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