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Photos by Paul Bainbridge Page last updated: 2017-06-20

June 2017: DAB added

Ofcom lists D1 and the local Tyne & Wear multiplex as entering service on 27 July 2016, both at 300 W ERP.

Viewed from a bridge on the A167 which crosses the East Coast Main Line. The relay is well hidden in amongst the trees next to the railway. It is, however, just possible to see two DAB dipoles on a pole at the top.

The bright white object in the distance on the left is believed to be the weather radar at High Moorsley (about 8.5 km away).

The Tower itself. Not an easy site to photograph!

The top of the tower. The television relay uses two vertical logs which are end-on just to the left of the DAB dipoles.

A close up of the DAB antenna and the TV transmit logs. The lower DAB antenna is offset which will modify the radiation pattern.

Ofcom data shows maximum ERP for the DAB installation is on bearing 240 - to the south west and away from Durham. The detailed parameters show a reduction of 7.5 dB centred on north east - towards Sunderland and the coast. The city centre is due east where the reduction is around 6 dB. Perhaps another site, maybe Hendon helps to reinforce coverage?

A Crown Castle sign survives in the shade near the base of the tower.

This new enclosure could be the one for DAB.

More signs at the gate...

...and yet more along a footpath some distance from the main compound.

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