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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2017-02-20

Somerset DAB - October 2015

Since Dan Glover visited Mendip in May 2014, aerials for Somerset DAB have been added. I was also luckier with the weather, enjoying bright sunshine.

Somerset DAB launched on 26th September 2014.

Close up from the top down.

The main S1 UHF aerial. Note that the top has been remodeled compared with Martin Watkins pictures from 2013. The angled horizontal bars have been replaced with a halo.

4 tiers of band III dipoles have been added just under the top platform at 272m, to transmit Somerset DAB.

IRR 101.0 MHz (Kiss 101). 265m.

UHF Reserve (S2).

Interleaved Radio Somerset and BBC / D1 DAB.

South east Wales DAB. 220m. This was the Severn Estuary DAB transmit aerial. I don't believe that the panels on the right, south facing, are now in use.

4 tiers of slant polarised band II logs for the ILR (102.6 MHz) transmit aerial.

The 2 Sira aerials are still in place.

Now round to the shaded north face to find the remaining two broadcast aerials.

The S3 UHF transmit aerial for mux 7 & 8 at 192m.

Local TV at 144m.

The dish farm.

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