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Photos by Robert Whittaker Page last updated: 2015-10-26

This site is located on a wooded hill in West Bristol. Coverage includes the areas of NW Bristol that cannot receive Mendip due either to being in the valley on the northern side of Clifton Down or on the western side of Kings Weston Hill itself.

The two receiving trough antennas are pointing at Mendip, to the south east. The large array of shrouded antennas immediately below the UHF cylinder are for DTT, and radiate southwest, southeast and northeast. Radiation to the north and west looks to be limited by the reflector grid visible on the mast behind the array.

Originally a BBC landlord site, TV channels 1 - 3 entered service on 5th April 1974, with Channel 4 from August 1985. The UHF cylinder contains a south, south-east facing cardioid. (160). A non standard channel allocation was used for analogue TV. UHF channel numbers 42, 45, 48 & 52. This was probably to place all four channels upper adjacent to Wenvoe. (41, 44, 47 & 51). DSO was on 24th March and 7th April 2010.

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