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Photos by Mervyn Mugford Page last updated: 2016-10-15

Changes at the site but not broadcast related - October 2016

The site shares with Airwave Tetra.

The original connection to the Airwave network was by underground telephone line. Some time ago the Home office required O2 to make the system more resilient by adding backup power and alternative network connections. Each Airwave base station now links to its neighbours by microwave link.

This one has backup power with a generator fueled by LPG.

This aerial points across the Bristol Channel in the sort of Cardiff direction. The white box had the name Garmin on it. Any suggestions? A GPS receiver?

This dish points across the Bristol Channel.

This dish points to the next Airwave base station at Caffyns on the other side of Lynton.

No changes to the UHF transmit aerials and the feed, at least for BBC is now by BT fibre.

These extensions have been built on the end. The one on the left here, with the padlock, looking through the slats, LPG control gear and pipework. The one on the right, looking through the slats, electrical control gear and switches.

It was a nice sunny Sunday afternoon for a walk over Countisbury. Some people were picking blackberries but I had failed to take a suitable container.

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