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Photos by Rob Shufflebotham Page last updated: 2015-04-01

New DAB - August 2012

Stanton Moor is a major relay in the Peak District primarily covering Matlock and Bakewell for TV, but also providing BBC Radio Derby, BBC National FM, ILR and now, BBC DAB to the surrounding area. BBC DAB entered service on 10th March 2011. The Derbyshire local mux was added in December 2014.

The site sits in a small woodland, near the Nine Ladies stone circle

Site security has been upgraded, with CCTV and an electric fence

This was the best possible view of the complete tower amongst the dense woodland

The south side of the tower: TV is from the cylinder at the top, below that are the 2 DAB antennas (and the wonky colinear) and then the FM array for the BBC Nationals, ILR and Radio Derby

Poking out on the north side we can just see the other two DAB antennas (right hand side, to the left of the "slant polarised" colinear)

A better view of the FM array, which has three sides although mounted on a square tower

Here are the two receive troughs, on Waltham, in a busy collection of antennas

The DAB feed dish

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