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Photos by David Foord Page last updated: 2021-02-04


The Sudbury station, located at Workhouse Green, some 3 miles to the south of the town of Sudbury in Suffolk, was built to provide UHF coverage to those parts of East Anglia where reception of signals from Tacolneston and Sandy Heath would be poor. As it happens, reception of Sudbury is also possible in parts of North Kent.

The station opened, transmitting BBC2 from 10-Nov-1968, with ITV added on 18-Nov-1970, BBC1 in December 1970, and Channel 4 available from the 2-Nov-1982 launch. Channel 5 was added on 23-Sep-1997, transmitting at lower power, and from aerial panels just below the third stay level on Sudbury A.

With the advent of digital television a second mast, Sudbury B, has been added to the site.

Pre-DSO power and frequency limitations meant that two channels were used from Sudbury B for the ITV Digital multiplex. Coverage was still unsatisfactory though. The coastal towns to the south-east could not in general receive the multiplex reliably, if at all. This is despite these areas mostly having clear line-of-sight to the mast, which is only about 35km away.

In this and most of the following photos Sudbury B is on the left.

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Both masts have three separate UHF antenna systems. The cylinder at the top of Sudbury A contains separate antennas for the BBC (158m) & IBA (147m) channels. The Channel 5 antenna is the panels on the left of this picture at 96m. On Sudbury B the top section (115m) transmits interim DTT multiplexes A, C, D and the mux 2 filler. The lower section (107m) transmits multiplexes 1 & B. The panels just below the platform (95m) transmit multiplex 2.

The base of Sudbury B, located a short distance from the transmitter hall.

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Sudbury at Aerials and Television
BBC Research paper (1968) UHF Transmitting Aerial for the Sudbury Television Station

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