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Photos by Nick Way and Mike D Smith Page last updated: 2014-06-15

Earlier photos

There was some work going on at Carmel when Mike Smith got there. The contractors had just demounted the microwave dish when we arrived, and were lowering it to the ground, as can be seen in the penultimate photo.

The UHF TV and VHF aerials are obvious, but just above the VHF array is another smaller one - possibly DAB?

(Photos 2 & 3 from Nick Way, all others by Mike Smith)

Originally a BBC landlord site, BBC 2 entered service on 21st July 1971. BBC 1 was added on 14th August 1972 and ITV from 21st May 1973. S4C was available from the launch on 1st November 1982. DTT was added early in 1999. DSO was on 26th August and 23rd September 2009.

BBC FM radio was added in March 1978, with Radio's 1 & 4 from 18th December 1992 and Radio Wales from 1999. Real Radio was added on 17th December 2002 on 105.2 MHz and Radio Carmarthenshire launched on 13th June 2004.

DAB service dates are: Severn Estuary, 20th July 2001, closed 29th July 2013; Digital One, 17th December 2002; Swansea, 28th January 2004; BBC, 16th December 2004; Mid & West Wales, 30th August 2013.

Carmel index

This site is now included in the Update List for the following reason:
Replacement of both sets of UHF aerials in preparation for B700 clearance; summer 2017.

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