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Photos by Ben Smith and Phil England Page last updated: 2013-12-24

Photos from the past

The Llanelli relay station lies to the North of the town, an area known locally as Ty-du Hill. It is located at the roadside and is easy to get to.

It transmits TV from 4 pairs of log periodics, and receives the parent station of Carmel via a horizontal trough.

FM broadcast is achieved by an end-fed dipole on the very top of the tower, reception is from a Band-II yagi also on Carmel.

Llannelli claims the distinction of housing the very last BBC 1 405 line VHF TV transmitter ever installed. It opened on 8th June 1970 by which time of course BBC 1 was being rolled out on UHF. The BBC felt that it would be unfair to open more 405 line transmitters (thus encouraging the purchase of equipment that would become obsolete relatively soon) and that it would be better to concentrate on encouraging the purchase of single-standard 625 line receivers.

UHF channels 1 - 3 were added on 14th February 1975, with S4C from 1st November 1982.

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