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Photos by TCPD Page last updated: 2012-06-26

Llandrindod Wells 1990 - transmitters

Llandrindod Wells before FM re-engineering was probably very little changed from when it was installed in the 1960s.

Outside a peaceful, if somewhat bleak and windswept mountain top. Two wooden poles carry receiving antennas.

Until they came to build a new tower.

Inside are the amplifiers for Home, Light and Third programmes. Note the window which allows you to see the valves inside, and forms part of the monitoring system as follows:

(Cathode glowing) AND (Anode not glowing) AND (Meter reading) = GOOD

(Cathode not glowing) OR (Anode glowing) OR (no meter reading) = BAD

Main and reserve "translators" for each programme.

Behind the amplifiers are the channel combining filters using copper boxes as the resonators.

Behind the translators the size of the input splitting filter resonators is apparent. A later development was the "Helical Resonator" to do the same job in low power combiners and splitters. It was about 3" diameter but only 6" long.

Main feeders to the FM antenna used cable with solid aluminium tube outer conductor, pre-dating the general use of corrugated cables like the Andrews HJ7 air spaced cable seen on the UHF feeders.

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