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Photos by TCPD Page last updated: 2023-05-17

Limavady June 1969 and October 1986

It seems that Limavady was built as a link station long before it came into use as a BBC transmitting site. It was used to pick up 405 line TV from Divis on channel 1 and pass the signal on by SHF to the relay at Londonderry. Certainly this link was in use in 1967 and may even have dated from the opening of Londonderry's TV transmitter in the late 1950s.

General view of Band 1 and SHF systems. This appears to be the original structure, with the characteristic anti-static discharge halos.

Looking up mast to Band 1 aerials

Back in 1969. It looks as though the main tower in this picture is new, sporting a UHF cylinder for BBC 2, which entered service on 4th April 1970; but on the edge of the picture the tips of the discharge halos on the old tower are glimpsed. The two sets of Band I rx aerials seem to be exact copies of those on the original tower.

Still in 1969 we see the new BBC transmitter Building (Front). Major building work was undertaken when the UHF facility was added.

General view of west side of new transmitter building

Old link equipment building and mast plus emergency RBR aerial. However many did they think they needed?

For the final picture we've jumped to 1986 and Limavady has had band II aerial panels added. ILR (Downtown Radio) entered service on 1st October 1986. BBC National FM commenced transmissions in February 1987, replacing the low powered Maddybenny More, and included Radio 4 on FM.

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