UK Broadcast Transmission
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Photos by Jack Richardson Page last updated: 2023-11-15

April 2023

The update list called for photos of possible new UHF cylinder for B700 clearance. I think the UHF cylinder has been replaced, it looks different to the one in Tony's photos from 2015.

Awkward site to photograph as you can only really get close from Sheriffs Road, which runs to the back of the site. I think I've photographed all there needs to see though.

The new UHF cylinder

I knew about the MW masts but didn't know there was also a MW installation on the TV/radio mast. I wonder if this was the aerial for Talksport?

In more detail

DAB antennas. According to Ofcom data, Northern Ireland and D1 use the top antennas (99m), BBC the bottom ones (98m).

All FM radio services are transmitted from these Alan Dick & Co. circularly polarised panels. The panels face east and south. Interestingly, Radio 4 is 10 kW (as is Downtown) compared to the rest of the nationals at 31 kW. I'm guessing this might be to protect Highland Radio from Ballybofey on 94.7?

Not sure what these logs were used for?

Various receive antennas

2 more receive antennas

The MW masts

Feed point

Log on top of the buildings. I think this points towards Limavady.

Holywell Hill

Strabane 13 miles away.

Londonderry index

Limavady | Strabane

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