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Photos by Justin Smith (ATV Aerials) and Martin Briscoe Page last updated: 2014-08-06

Fitful Head, close ups, scenery, wildlife, and views

Two contributors visited the site during fine weather, Justin Smith in 2012, and Mike Briscoe in 2014.

Justin writes:-

This was actually my second visit to Fitful Head. This time, 14 Jul 2012, I was lucky enough to get up to Fitful Head (a longish drive up a track which you`re not sure you should actually be on at all.....) on a sunny clear day. My wife wasn't that keen, but once at the top even she had to admit the view was ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Possibly one of the best in the UK. You can see all the way up the west coast of Shetland right round to Sumburgh head and the airport. In fact you could see Fair Isle!

So transmitter spotting isn't quite as "sad" as some people seem to think! Fitful Head was the link station receiving Band I television from Netherbutton and relaying to Bressay by SHF link.

The transmitter, note the wooden pole requires stay wires (must be pretty windy......), does that make it a tower or a mast?

View south (towards Sumburgh) of the transmitter including a view of the trig point.

Receive logs at Fitful Head

View from Fitful Head from the north round to the north east.

View from Fitful Head from the north east round to the east.

View from Fitful Head from the east round to the south east.

A view of Foula from Fitful head.

Last, but by no means least, when TX spotting in Shetland (or Fair Isle), beware of the Bonxies, the local name for the Great Skua. To quote the Collins Book Of British Birds "30cm long, 1.5Kg in weight, VERY AGGRESSIVE, steals food from other birds, eats their eggs, and attacks transmitter spotters". OK I made the last bit up, but it's not that far from the truth. The Bonxie in the bottom left picture was flying straight for me.

If being attacked they go for the highest point, so if you have an umbrella or anything else raise it above your head and they`ll go for that (and I'm not joking this time....)

A Great Skua chick, not a sight you want to see on your TX expedition, because it means the parents are about to attack you.......

Mike Briscoe took this shot, Fitful Head viewed over the Noss Hill RAF WWII Chain Home radar station.

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