UK Broadcast Transmission
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Photos by Bill Wright Page last updated: 2017-04-10

July 2016

Bill visited the site in July 2016, well after DSO.

Many changes since David Neale's visit before DSO.

The UHF cylinder on the middle mast has been changed, and the C5 analogue 'wrap around' removed.

The left hand mast carries the 'S2' standby UHF cylinder

The BT 'Gantry' structure has had many dishes removed

We'll refer to the middle tower, as the main broadcast structure, as all the services appear to be present

UHF Cylinder. Seems to have been replaced for or at DSO

BBC DAB array

West Sound FM Sira

One of the BBC Band II FM panels

..and the rear of another

UHF RBL Logs and yagis looking at Caldbeck and Sandale.

The high gain yagi array is likely to be directed at Sandale, and is probably a legacy from the analogue period when Sandale carried at relatively low power BBC 1 and 2 Scotland.

These antennas are likely to be redundant now.

The logs are most likely looking at Caldbeck, with carried ITV and C4 (as well as English BBC)
at much higher power, and also now carries Scottish and English DTT muxes all at high power.

Close up one of the yagi's feed shroud

Three pictures zoomed in from general shot above.

This is likely to be the satellite downlink dish providing the BBC DAB feed

...this is likely to be the BBC FM radio RBL receive yagi looking at Sandale (Note missing element !)

....and this a Sira UHF panel possibly providing the primary RBL feed from Caldbeck for DTT PSB 2 (PSB 1 and 3 are fibre fed)

The S2 cylinder on the second mast, probably fitted before DSO

The BT gantry

Most probably the downlink dishes for the old C5 analogue programme feed.

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