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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2017-10-17

New main UHF aerial - October 2017

In preparation for 700 MHz band clearance the main UHF transmitting aerial has recently been replaced at Heathfield.

This picture shows all of the transmitting aerial systems. The new main UHF aerial at the top with wrap around reserve below the top platform and Band II FM radio below that. The UHF panels on the left hand side (99m mean level), were used to transmit pre-DSO DTT. At the bottom is the band III DAB transmit aerial used to transmit all three DAB services.

The new main UHF transmit aerial with abseiling frame at the top.

Further round, this is the view from the site entrance.

The old UHF main transmit aerial lying in a field next to the site.

UHF reserve and band II FM radio.

On the left, the pre-DSO DTT panels.

Band III DAB aerial panels.

Note that there are no dipoles on the south facing panel.

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