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Photos by Roger Piper and Robert Whittaker Page last updated: 2011-05-19


A few scene-setters, taken on 18/19-Nov-2010, showing the old cylinder ready to be hoisted of, and the new adaptor and aerial stack ready to be lifted...

The Heliswiss Kamov heavy duty helicopter was due at Heathfield early on the afternoon of Thu 18-Nov-2010 but news arrives that Heliswiss machines are grounded by bad weather in Switzerland so Helirig contact the Norwegian Airlift company for the use of their Super Puma. Not having been previously booked, Airlift had to assemble a crew, including some of the Swiss crew.

Fri 19-Nov-2010 proved to be a lovely sunny day at Heathfield with light wind, ideal for mast work. The helicopter was due to fly in from Norway, refuelling at Hull and arriving at Heathfield some time between noon and 2.00pm but Humberside was fog-bound so instead they flew the longer route via Aberdeen where they are delayed by Customs, eventually arriving at about 4.00pm just as the light was failing.

A hi-res composite of the mast

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