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Photos by William Conqueror and TCPD Page last updated: 2013-12-22

Band I

Hastings was originally established as a 405-line relay of Crystal Palace. Service date 14th December 1960. Closed January 1984

This early photo of Hastings and the detail from it (below) show the site in its original configuration as a Band I television relay, transmitting BBC tv on channel 4.

The tower was then changed to the one which is still in use today.

This photo was taken on 11-Jun-1973 with both Band I (VHF) and Band IV (UHF) aerials in place. BBC 1 & 2 UHF service date was 27th July 1973, ITV 19th October 1973 and Channel 4 November 1983.

At this stage the UHF tx antenna was in a fibreglass shroud - this was subsequently replaced by an unshrouded cardiod.

Hastings was a UHF relay of Heathfield which is on a very similar bearing to Crystal Palace - hence the troughs and Band I rx yagis appear to be pointing in the same direction.

Hastings index

BBC RD: New Transmitting Aerial for the Hastings Television Station (1963)

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