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Photos by Dan Glover and Gareth Smith Page last updated: 2012-06-29

June 2012 - new structure

Dan: "I visited Llanddulas on 9 June on the way to sites further west. Originally it was just going to be a stop for coffee and a quick walk for the dog but it was clear that work to replace the wooden pole was in progress. All that remained was to install the antennas on the new structure."

Gareth visited on 20 June, by then antennas had been fitted to the new structure but the wooden pole had not yet been removed

Not the most useful of signs - blue colour faded into oblivion

The view on approach - at this stage I wasn't certain that the centre pole was for the relay

However from close quarters it's clear that the mounting hardware is for a group of crossed logs and single log lower down... of the brackets is slightly out of alignment, but that shouldn't be a problem

The enclosure is being retained, with feeder carried on the new "ladder"

The approach as seen by Gareth a couple of weeks later - centre pole now fully equipped

The structure on the left and associated cabinets are believed to be used by O2/Airwave

It appears transmission arrangements are unchanged on the new monopole, a single log pointing at Moel-y-Parc for receive and 4 crossed logs for transmit.

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