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Photos by Bill Wright Page last updated: 2015-06-25

June 2015

The Bleachgreen site is on the outskirts of Whitehaven. The Whitehaven site, incidentally, is near Egremont.

Bleachgreen’s widely quoted NGR of NX984197 is wrong. My preparations for this expedition had included a look at Streetview, and even that had made me wonder if something could be amiss. The correct NGR is NX984199. The difference is small, but to the transmitter hunter it is crucial. The topography and housing make it difficult to see the structure from any of the nearby roads. The quoted NGR led me to think that the easiest route would be from the south. The distance along the public footpath would be a mere150 metres. In fact the path started on an estate in a small gap between two houses, the occupiers of which peered suspiciously through their vertical blinds at me and my vehicle. The path was disused, steep, and completely overgrown. It had rained and my lower half was soon soaked from pushing through the undergrowth. I had mud four inches up the legs of my jeans. Anyone planning a visit to this site in the future should set off from the north-east, following the vehicular access via Huntinghow Farm. That route is marked as a public footpath only but in fact is a decent vehicle track. Alternatively the path from Quality Corner is quite good.

Later, by showing my pictures of the transmitter to the Neighbourhood Watch lady and the PCSO I was able to convince them that I had not been hiding in the undergrowth and taking photographs through the rear windows of the houses.

As we get closer, you can see the NE and south facing Tx logs are VP, while the NW facing ones are HP. Also all the logs look to have been recently replaced

...and what are these three separate (and older looking) logs all about ? Some sort of reserve
array ?

Rx log looking at Caldbeck

Two 'Shark's Fin' aerials, broadcast use, and if so, perhaps null filling ?

V-SAT Telemetry dish, with anti-bird measures

Access from the south (for the benefit of future contributors)

Whitehaven, and Whitehaven Tx (centre left on horizon)

Bleachgreen index

Whitehaven UHF

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