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Photos by John Martin Page last updated: 2011-09-04
Dunkeld Town Perthshire and Kinross
NGR: NO022430 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv) Site Height:       Structure Height: 12m
Digital TV: BBC A: 23 D3&4: 30 BBC B: 26
BBC Radio:
Ind. National Radio:
Ind. Local Radio:
Digital Radio:
Comments: Dunkeld Town is a relay of Angus (via Perth and Dunkeld). Pre B700 allocations: 23/29/26.

August 2011

Dunkeld Town relay (Arqiva Site 14712) is on Gallow Hill above Dunkeld in the grounds of the Hilton Hotel. Site height is 84 metres and the tower is 12 metres. It takes its signal off-air from the main Dunkeld relay which is situated above Birnam, to the east. (In turn, Dunkeld gets its signal from Perth, and Perth gets its from Angus.)

The Town relay is 2 Watts ERP on each of the three DTT multiplexes and primarily fills in the coverage gap of the main Dunkeld relay caused by Craig Wood. The intended service area is the Spoutwells area of Dunkeld - where everyone seems to have satellite dishes anyway!

Two pairs of crossed log-periodics for transmission and a single log for reception from the main Dunkeld relay

Inside the lattice tower, the TX cable enters the bottom of a splitter tube. Four outlets on a plate at the top of the tube feed each of the four transmit logs.

One pair of TX logs points 30 degrees and the other 120 degrees. Crossed logs have a roughly cardiod pattern and, in this case, results in a fair bit of ERP being wasted into uninhabited territory.

The main Dunkeld relay on the horizon as seen from the Dunkeld Town relay on Gallow Hill. Good line of sight!

I've superimposed the radiation pattern onto a map. The two black vectors within the cardioid are the bearings of the two transmitter aerial pairs. (Note this is not a service area map)


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