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mb21 Christmas Quiz 2017

Happy Christmas from all at mb21! How good is your transmitter knowledge? Have a go at our Christmas quiz below!

Q1: Which new UHF transmitter site was the first to carry all four services from the outset?
Q2: What was the first relay station to transmit BBC 1 on UHF?
Q3: Which BBC local radio transmitter is the only one to use Sira aerials?
Q4: Which was the last existing three channel UHF site to carry C4?
Q5: What was the first relay station to transmit ITV on UHF?
Q6: Which high powered national BBC FM station uses Sira aerials?
Q7: Which of the 50 high power UHF sites, is the only one not to carry any FM radio services?
Q8: Which was the last 405-line transmitter to open?
Q9: Which high powered BBC FM site had the top 15 m of its mast removed during the conversion to mixed polarisation in the late 1980s?
Q10: Which two ILR stations were AM only initially?
Q11: What UHF TV relay transmitter is closest to its parent main station?
Q12: Which high powered BBC FM site has additional anti-phase aerials for its Radio 1 service only?
Q13: Which was the last BBC 1, 405-line Tx to open?
Q14: Why did no high power UHF transmitter adopt Ch 21 transmissions, until C4 came along?
Q15: What transmitter site has the greatest number of structures in use for transmitting UK domestic services?
Q16: Which five major BBC FM sites were provided with new masts for Mixed Polarisation in the 1980s?
Q17: Which was the first UHF site not to use a mast or lattice tower?
Q18: Which UHF TV relay site is currently fed by the greatest number of rebroadcast links?
Q19: Which high powered BBC FM site uses Kathrein aerials for mixed polarisation?
Q20: Name the four IBA ROCs that existed during the 1980s?
Q21: Which were the last TV main station transmitters to be converted to transmit Nicam stereo?
Q22: Which BBC FM relay was the first to use VP only?
Q23: Which 6 mux UHF TV site has the smallest population coverage?
Q24: At which BBC MW site was there a collapse of a main 500 ft mast in the late 50s?
Q25: Prior to DSO there were three transmitter sites that transmitted non Channel 5 analogue services on UHF channel 37. Which three?
Q26: At which BBC MW site was there the need to fell a 500 ft mast in 2016?
Q27: Of the original 19, 1970s ILR stations, which was the only FM transmitter to transmit with horizontal polarisation for the first few years?
Q28: Name three major (10 kW or more) BBC AM sites no longer used for their original purpose (ie decommissioned or no longer transmitting AM)?
Q29: Which Tx site has the smallest population coverage for the SDN TV multiplex?
Q30: Which BBC TV transmitter was the only one to use a slotted cylindrical aerial?
Q31: Which was the first UK radio transmitter site to transmit on a band II frequency above 100 MHz?
Q32: Why was BBC 1 at Moel-y-Parc allocated the non standard UHF ch 52, rather than ch 39, which would have made MYP a standard 39/42/45/49 group?
Q33: Which was the last BBC Local Radio station to open with duplicated FM and Medium Wave transmitters?
Q34: Why were the analogue UHF channel allocations at Bristol (Kings Weston Hill), the non standard group 42/45/48/52?
Q35: Why were the analogue channel allocations at Caldbeck the non-standard group of 30/34/28/32?
Q36: Which was the first BBC Local Radio station to officially transmit in stereo?
Q37: RCA spiral, omni directional, circularly polarised, band II transmit aerials were used at Croydon to transmit the first two ILR stations in London. These were removed when Croydon was re-engineered for Channel 5. What four sites still use this type of aerials to transmit ILR services?
Q38: Which was the last ILR station to open with duplicate FM and Medium Wave transmitters?
Q39: Which site transmits the largest number of FM radio services?
Q40: The start of Radio 1 on FM coincided with the BBC FM radio expansion during the 1980s & 90s. Which was the first new BBC FM site to transmit Radio 1 at the same time as R2/3/4 started?

To enter, please email your answers to no later than 1 January 2018. The entrant with the highest number of correct answers will win a lovely tub of xmas choccies from Amazon. Editors' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Consolation prize of one festive garden slug for most whining complaint.

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