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Photos by Mike Smith, Malcolm Pritchard & Andy Hame Page last updated: 2023-10-10

ILR Manchester (Piccadilly Radio) entered service on the 2nd April 1974.

This photograph shows the IBA MF installation at Ashton Moss (NGR SJ924994) for ILR Manchester, (not the BBC Ashton Moss site at NGR SJ915985). At this time it broadcast Piccadilly Radio' however the service now transmitted is Magic 1152 from EMAP.

The four masts are a highly directional array, radiating the signal in a tight pattern west across Manchester. The transmitter input power is around 350 watts, and the directional gain of the aerials produces 1.5 kW EMRP in the direction of maximum power (250 deg) on 1152 kHz.

The IBA built such highly directional aerials to avoid interference to other ILR stations using the same frequency. In the case of 1152 kHz, directional aerials were installed by the IBA at Langley Mill (Birmingham), Saffron Green (Barnet, Herts. for London), Greenside (Newcastle) and Dechmont Hill (Glasgow).

The then BBC 'Ashton Moss' site can just be seen in the background of this picture, the three towers, slightly to the south west of the IBA site. At this time it transmitted BBC Radio Manchester on 1458 kHz with a power of 5kW, though this site is now used by the Independent Radio Station Capital Gold

This final picture is from Andy Hame and was taken from Curzon Ashton FC on a cold December evening in 2016. The service transmitted on 1152kHz is now Key 2.

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