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Photos by Martin Watkins and Mark Carver Page last updated: 2011-10-23

October 2011

Above the two existing rx UHF troughs we now see a smart new VERTICALLY POLARISED (well, you have to take our word for it) rx trough. Apparently most TV relays of Rowridge will use the vertical component of the post DSO transmissions from their parent. This would seem sensible in those areas where Rowridge is in line with the continent as viewed from the relay concerned, but we're not sure how much it achieves on the IOW itself.

Close up of the old HP troughs

..and new VP trough

The national FM radio system, one VP dipole and two log periodics. It's odd that Radio Solent has never been added to this site, in spite of the fact that it's obviously considered to be one of the most important Rowridge relays.

As seen from the North West side

Close up of the three UHF TX troughs, and the Band II VP dipole

Band II rx on Rowridge. And it's probably being used as the RBL for Isle of Wight Radio from Chillerton Down too.

Chillerton Down and Rowridge seen from Ventnor.

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