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Photos by Warwick Shop Page last updated: 2015-06-22

Photos taken May 2009

(Editor's note: there is more to this site than first appears, and indeed the "wrong" NGR turns out to be a clue!)

These photos were taken pre-DSO in 2009 while I had a couple of hours to kill before a flight from Glasgow

I found the receive site quite easily by the side of the main road, about half way between Lochgoilhead and Carrick Castle

The site transmits from a second structure with two pairs of vertically polarised logs further up the hill, connected by a buried feeder

The parent is Lochgoilhead Active Deflector (AD) which retransmits the signal from Darvel on the same channels

The arrangement of the Lochgoilhead structures is unusual, in that the transmit and receive sites are separate. My guess would be that there was originally a single site by the loch-side, with receive and transmit antennas, and at some later date the transmit antennas were relocated up the hillside to improve coverage

I couldn't see many domestic receive antennas in use in Lochgoilhead, so either the signal is pretty strong and they are all using set-top antennas, or the locals have better things to do with their time than to watch TV

The receive site has a pair of vertically polarised Yagis, which I presume receive the output of the active deflector (Lochgoilhead AD)

The AD is likely a very low power site (solar/battery powered) and so high gain antennas will be used at the AD to transmit and at the reception site to receive the signal to minimise the necessary transmit power at the AD

I am not sure what the log antenna part way down the mast is used for. It could be a transmit antenna for houses which cannot see the main transmit site

Here is a closer view of the receive Yagis

And this is a close-up of the log antenna, presumed to be a transmit antenna, possibly out of use

The site compound (Site 1) is adjacent to the main Lochgoilhead to Carrick Castle road

The two Yagi antennas face away from the photographer

This is the transmit site, with vertically polarised logs. It is a good 30 minute scramble up the hillside from the receive site

The transmit signal is split to feed pairs vertically polarised logs, facing up and down the loch

Above is the presumed arrangement. The location of Lochgoilhead AD is not confirmed

Lochgoilhead index

Lochgoilhead AD

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