UK Broadcast Transmission
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Photos by Martin Briscoe Page last updated: 2013-12-29

1970s through to 2003

Martin says "The B&W pictures will be in the 1970s, the colour transparency could be slightly later.

Originally it was Band I - EP7/506 off Skriaig. And Band II - EP7/5 (I think) off Skriaig. Penifiler first transmitted only the Scottish Home Service, fed by PO line, from 26th September 1962. The Light & Third programmes, and BBC 1, were added from 11th April 1966, once Skriaig had been completed.

Probably from the 1970s - the Band I transmit antenna is at the top, with the receive at the bottom

Likely to be mid 1970s? UHF television started in 1978

In 2003 the old Band II antennas were still on the pole - but the tower carried a slant-polarised dipole and horizontal log. Conversion to mixed polarisation was on 29th September 1992, together with the addition of Radio's 1 & 4.

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BBC Research Paper - Original Installation

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