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Photos by Peter Bigwood and Colin Dalziel Page last updated: 2014-06-21

Rosemarkie entered service with 405-line BBC TV, VHF channel 2, on 16th August 1957. In October 1963 the TV service was transferred to a larger aerial, with an increase in ERP. See the 1963 BBC RD report linked at the foot of this page. 405-line BBC 1 closed in January 1985.

UHF TV commenced with BBC 2 on 11th July 1970, followed by BBC 1 early in 1973, ITV from 8th October 1973 and Channel 4 from June 1983. Channel 5 was transmitted from Mounteagle. DTT was added early 1999. DSO was on 6th and 20th October 2010.

Rosemarkie was also the starting point for the SHF link to Eitshal and Skriaig. See link a foot of this page.

BBC FM radio entered service on 12th October 1958. Conversion to stereo was in 1981. Radio's 1 & 4 were added on 1st July 1991 and re-engineering to mixed polarisation was completed in March 1992. Radio nan Gaidheal was added in 1994.

INR 3 (Talk Sport) launched on 14th February 1995.

There appears to be no NGW site plate at the Rosemarkie site, so here, by way of a change, is the road sign which welcomes you to the town. Its coat of Arms bears the legend: 'from age to age endure'

This first mast photo was taken by Colin Dalziel in the early 1970s and shows the yellowing of the original GRP cylinder on the UHF aerial shroud.

The remaining photos on this page were taken by Peter Bigwood, Summer 2001...

Click here to see a high resolution version

Note the TalkSPORT MF wire antenna visible in this shot

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BBC RD: Site tests Rosemarkie (1956)
BBC RD: Service areas Rosemarkie TV & VHF radio (1960)
BBC RD: Transmitting aerials for Rosemarkie (1963)
BBC Engineering 106: Page 30 onwards details the SHF link to Eitshal

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