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Photos by John P Martin Page last updated: 2021-09-13

September 2021

Nothing seems to have changed at Tomich since my last visit 7 years ago or since the last photos were submitted, but a few fresh pictures are welcome. The fact that this site exists at all is the surprise, given the tiny population it serves. The additional fact that it relies upon another link station (Tomich Link) to get signal in the first place makes this a marvel and harks back to an earlier age when money wasn't a problem.

The site as seen from the pub car park on the main road in Tomich

Getting closer

The transmit array of six 120° crossed log periodics.

More detail of the log array

The transmit logs seen from below. The main lobe created by the four vertically stacked logs points roughly northeast up the valley to Cannich. The two-log array points south towards the tiny village of Tomich.

Twin receive Yagis receiving the Rosemarkie signal via the Tomich Link station.

And here they are again with the VSAT telemetry dish included.

Here is the Transmitter Hall with steps leading up to the guyed tower itself.

Cables from the Transmitter Hall run up the hill in a partially buried plastic pipe

Tomich index

Tomich Link

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