UK Broadcast Transmission
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Photos by Hywel Clatworthy and Neil White Page last updated: 2015-12-31

Changes at the top (updated December 2015)

Hywel visited in late April 2015 and found a few changes at the top. Neil was in the area later in the year - the broadcast arrangements appear unchanged

April 2015 and then

New Optical link ?

Can you see the GPS ? antenna ?

Rear of Equipment above

The tx antenna is the end fed vertical dipole at the top of the tower

One of the Oxford facing receive yagis, still bent. This was used for the Radio 1 programme feed. Since
Radio 1 national opts outs have been discontinued, Radio 1 at Chippenham was changed back to being a Wenvoe relay in 2014.

It's now mid-December 2015. The Band II tx antenna is clear of everything else...'s a "rare" type - another example is at Bexhill VHF

Wenvoe to the left of me, Oxford to the right. Here I am, stuck in the middle of Chippenham...

What's not known is whether the facility to receive Oxford has been retained as a reserve or whether the yagis have simply been left in place due to the cost of sending someone to remove them

Chippenham index

Bexhill VHF | Oxford | Wenvoe

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