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Photos by Tom Bellis (words by Colin Simpkin) Page last updated: 2021-05-26

May 2021 - site recommissioned for ILR

In May 2021, transmissions for the Capital Lancashire ILR service were relocated from the Chorley Whitehouse Farm site to the "Chorley" site at St George's Church.

The site move coincided with a frequency change, which saw the station adopt the 102.8MHz frequency, previously vacated by Chorley FM.

The frequency change came with a reduction in ERP from 100 watts (vertical only) to 50 watts mixed polarisation, but due to the more central location and the new omnidirectional radiation pattern, the station's coverage is improved in some areas.

Looking at the west end of the church from street level, there appears to be even less visible on the roof than in Alan Price's photos from four years earlier.

However, from roof level, we can see a new Lindenblad array has been installed on the flagpole, just peeping above the parapet.

The array is mounted low on the pole not just to minimise visual impact from the ground, but also to keep the active elements away from the metal guy wires.

The transmitter remains an RBR of the Bee Lane (Preston) transmitter, which is received using a 4-element yagi mounted high up inside the bell tower.

A relatively high gain yagi was chosen so as to maximise the incoming signal from Bee Lane, whilst trying to combat adjacent-channel interference from 3FM at Snaefell.

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