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Photos by mb21 and Neil White Page last updated: 2020-05-25

...and then it went digital: May 2010, updated September 2015

Mike paid the site a post-DSO visit on an overcast day in May 2010 and confirmed the presence of 2 UHF rx logs, one on Redruth and the other on Caradon Hill. At that time the DAB installation (BBC National mux in service December 2009), was relatively new. [The Cornwall DAB mux was added July 2016].

This time Neil White had the better deal in terms of weather: "Situated up a narrow lane on the edge of town... visited late afternoon when the sun was perfect for photography"

The DAB feed dish joins various other satellite and SHF links and is about half way up the structure

The TV relay transmits from two panels, seen here on the left side of the tower...

...and the DAB antenna is the two dipoles at the top, on the left

This log faces Redruth...

...and the one up here faces Caradon Hill

Moving on to Neil White's photos - had anything changed in the last five years?

The DAB feed dish sparkles (well, a bit) in the September 2015 sunshine

The Caradon Hill log is still present, on the right...

...and the Redruth log is still there, on the far corner of the tower. Curiously a lone corner-reflector style mobile phone survives yet others of more recent type have been removed further up

The Redruth log seen from the other side...

...and a general view of the "north face"

We believe this style of dipole is a Kathrein product and the spacing from the mounting pole gives a cardioid pattern. At Truro maximum ERP is due north...

...however the panels for the TV relay are aimed more to the west

Neil reports the site is well screened by trees but there are views in some directions!

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UHF Tx aerial replaced August 2018.

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mb21 by Mike Brown
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