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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2019-02-20

February 2019

The MF site at Bebington was built as a replacement for the original (1974) Radio City service at Rainford which gave poorer than expected coverage to the target service area. The new site was within the grounds of the "Merseyside Power Station" developed by Unilever to provide electricity (and steam) to their plants nearby. The oil-fired station operated from 1958 and was expanded in the 60s and 70s but closed around 1998 and demolished soon after.

Recent redevelopment of the power station site has created a number of "light industrial" units and a new access road, allowing a closer inspection of the broadcast installation for the first time.

The new access doesn't solve the problem of how to photograph the mast and stays together, against a grey sky...

...but does allow confirmation that the transmitter is within a metal enclosure. No visibility of the mast base.

A photo from 2013 showed receive antennas on the roof - these now appear to be a pair of Band III yagis assumed to face St John's Beacon (left) and Hope Mountain (right). Perhaps for remote monitoring but the DAB service could be used to provide a reserve feed for City 2.

Out of frame on the left is a Band II dipole, horizontally polarised and facing across to Allerton Park. This would not be suitable as a programme feed under normal conditions.

At the top, the stays are electrically bonded to each other, and the mast radiator...

...with insulators part way along the stays forming a "capacitance hat". The apparently unequal length is due to perspective. The lower stays are insulated from the mast (or are of insulating material)

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