UK Broadcast Transmission
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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2018-05-16

ILR added - May 2018

AIR 107.2 was awarded an Ofcom FM radio license in April 2012. AIR stands for All Inclusive Radio. AIR began its life as a student radio station, streaming online and to Westfield Arts College.

A single band II folded dipole is used for ILR transmit. The vertically polarised UHF log periodic is looking at Bincombe Hill. The RBL from Stockland Hill was subject to occasional deep fades due to the long sea path across Lyme Bay. I believe that Bincombe Hill was used as an alternative RBL (RBS).

The BBC band II transmit array. Although these panels are on all four sides, an unequal power divide means that the transmissions are directional to the north-northeast, away from France. The panel on the left of this picture gets the lions share of the RF power.

The Rowridge band II receive aerial.

The two Stockland Hill UHF trough receive aerials low down on the tower. Do Arqiva need to trim the hedge?

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