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Rowridge Isle of Wight
NGR: SZ447865 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv)   Site Height: 137m      Structure Height: 149.6m
Digital TV: BBC A: 24   D3&4: 27   BBC B: 21   SDN: 25   Arq A: 22   Arq B: 28  
  Local Mux: 37  
National Radio: Radio 1: 98.2   Radio 2: 88.5   Radio 3: 90.7   Radio 4: 92.9   Classic FM: 100.3  
Local Radio: Radio Solent: 96.1  
Digital Radio: BBC National: 12B  

Show historic services

Through the years....
Photos by BT Heritage, Ashley Booth, David Foord, Robert Whittaker and George Kirkham

Rowridge 1987
Photos by TCPD

The New Mast for DSO
Photos by WightCAM

October 2011 - the old mast
Photos by Martin Watkins and Mark Carver

October 2011 - the new mast
Photos by Martin Watkins and Mark Carver

Work on the new mast - summer 2011
Photos by Sandi Pyke

New Mast filling up Sept 2014
Photos by Bill Wright

Old mast, on its way out....Sept 2014
Photos by Bill Wright

Time running out for Rowridge as a double mast site
Photos by Justin Smith (ATV)

Just one mast - September 2020
Photos by Bob Morrison

The Com 7/8 Aerial - July 2021
Photos by Bob Morrison

B700 Clearance Details
Photos by (no photos)

Feature: Opening of the Rowridge Station

Coverage area map
VHF/FM BBC National

Coverage area map
UHF Post-DSO Digital TV

Coverage area map
Radio Solent

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