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Photos by David Stanley Page last updated: 2023-10-28
Willesborough Kent
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Willesborough Channel Travel Radio Relay

Willesborough was the last in a chain of three relay transmitters for Channel Tunnel Radio. A long term RSL which operated from 1995 to 2000. The base transmitter was at Stone Farm and that gallery page has more about the history of this radio station. The two intermediate relays were at Sellinge and Evegate.

The Willesborough relay is 3.8km from Evegate. It is located at a high point to the east of Ashford not far from the William Harvey Hospital where Ashford FM have their transmitter site. The receive pole is immediately north of M20 junction 10 and the transmit is 140m to the north west. Neither pole is now visible because the surrounding trees have grown far higher than the poles. This is the only relay where the transmission cabin remains. Presumably it was impossible to remove because of the trees.

No original photos are available. The following images are all from October 2023.

The block diagram of the receive system which was attached to the receive cabinet door.
The exact function of the ‘Coupler 30dB’ attenuator after the input filter is not clear. It is possible it was adjustable and would be set to give the correct level into the pre-amplifiers within the AGC range. It is also likely that the AGC would cope with failure of a single pre-amplifier.

What is left of the receive cabinet.

The receive pole mast.

The transmit cabin.

The transmit pole mast is also surrounded by trees.

Neither pole is visible from outside of the woods.

Evegate | Sellinge | Stone Farm

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